Solo traveling to Europe and Paris

Hello Humans, First off I am super happy to write this post as I just did some traveling to Europe yasssss (internal screaming). I still can’t believe my first international trip was to Netherlands and Paris and that too alone. I was super nervous, no doubt but it was also an amazing and beautiful experience for me and today I will tell you guys all about it while I am sipping Winter dream tea and listening to a really nice song I found on Sound cloud called Ignition/do you like drugs mashup by Phoebe Ryan. picture of centrumin hague

Notice the couple in the back ( love, love, love)

Netherlands and France were beautiful ( is an understatement). I didn’t want to come back. Loved everything about it from different types of bicycles ( a beautiful mother carrying 3 little children in the lower basket of a cycle)  to lovely canals you can see after every  5-minute walk you take. Also, I saw my first ever strip show yasssssss. I hope nobody from my family is reading this though.

It was a short trip because when it was being planned I was certain that even 10 days is too much for me.  I reached Netherlands on 4th at night. The weird thing was I was so tired I slept as soon as I reached and didn’t suffer from Jetlag at all. My first day was planned. I reached Amsterdam at early afternoon and taking the Boat ride was the first thing on my list so that’s what I did while drinking Heineken and enjoying the beautiful view. I was little annoyed since a kid in the back was making a fuss ( drama alert)but I had to endure it ( couldn’t have jumped out of the cruise) and second beer helped a lot. I seriously feel like people should stop having children and start raising dogs( world will be happier place). I should share my hatred for children some other time right?

If you are in Amsterdam you have to check out the Red light area which I obviously did right after my boat ride.Oh, I forgot I also had a Pizza and beer at Bravi Ragazzi before going there. Its a really nice Italian joint but I ordered Pizza because Imma moron also was super hungry. After finishing from there I had waffles in a nearby Cafe. While I waited for a lady who was going to show me around. As soon as she came I asked her to take me to the Red light area. I loved hanging out with her because she only knew Spanish and Dutch. Since I don’t know any of those Languages we didn’t talk much. She was a really nice lady though laughed a lot without any reason and we had lots of beer and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

As I have already mentioned I saw a strip show and where else could I have seen it other than in Red Light area. The whole colony was beautiful nobody is allowed to take pictures of the ladies in the windows there as anybody can throw your phone in the canal. I was there till 7:30 on a weekday and since it was not an ideal time to enjoy the view (know what I mean). I did get glimpses of some big Mamas and girls in a black bikini dancing from the windows of some sex bars. I do regret not going at the night because I have heard it’s More lit that time. I had to rush back after seven because it takes more than 1 hour to Hague and  I had a curfew of 21:00.

This was also a work trip so I had to stay in Netherlands. As staying there was cheaper and safer for me because I can’t stress this enough that this was the first time I was traveling alone.  I do regret a little not staying in Amsterdam because hostels there are super cheap and I could have fun there.

Sadly I don’t have many pictures of myself. As mostly I was roaming alone and it’s not really easy for me to ask strangers for pictures because of my major anxiety issues. I did tried  my best though. After spending one day in Amsterdam roaming around and drinking Beers. I saw so much love in the streets and I was in love with the country, its people, drinking culture, weather and most of all the old and beautiful Dutch buildings in Amsterdam.

I couldn’t check out the Van Gogh and Ann Frank Museum because of limited time but maybe next time.

Next day I decided to check out the Beautiful Scheveningen Beach of Den Haag and decided to spend the whole day there. I also rode on the Ferris wheel and the ride went around for more than 30 minutes. It was so pretty and I was able to see the whole beach going round and round. I took so many videos and pictures on my Instagram and snap chat stories because it was the best way to distract myself. As I was alone in the booth and am little scared of heights. 

After riding in  Ferris wheel I decided to roam in the beach for a while with a bunch of little birds. As it was really chilli there and me being a Moron, as usual, was not wearing warm clothes. I decided to chill in one of the many restaurants on the beach near a bonfire and ordered a beer and fries. Thankfully that place had really good Wifi so I was able to face time my friends and family.  It was a great day and I ended it with seeing the beautiful sunset.

On my third day, I got little sick obviously because wearing a dress in the beach with the temperature of 16 degrees is more important than going to Amsterdam to check out the beautiful Museums ( I am really stupid). It was raining the whole day so it turned out to be a good thing not going to Amsterdam and staying in as my window had really nice view.

On my fourth day, I had planned to go to finally check out the Museums but thankfully trip to Paris was arranged for me. It was a road trip so we started from 7 am and reached by 1:23 after having lunch I obviously decided to check out the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Wow, I actually was mesmerized by the beauty of it ( not over exaggerating like I normally do). Sadly I was too anxious to ask someone for pictures in front of Eiffel tower and my mom got so angry at me saying no one would believe you Kanika that you went there (I actually am scamming you people that I went there because I have no photographic evidence of being there) Oh wait I did manage to ask two cute Gentlemen on the top of Eiffel Tower to take my photos. They didn’t come out nice but twice was my limit.

I saw love in Paris too but it was too much for me. So many couples kissing and shit okay don’t misunderstand me I am not old school. One couple was just going on it and they were with my group so it was just annoying and they were Indians so. I get irritated so easily right. I regret not having champagne at the top of Eiffel Tower. After coming back I realized most of my regrets were not having enough booze haha hahaha. I just wanted to be safe as solo travelers should but I can hold my liquor and I don’t have any drinking habit so I should have had that champagne.


This trip gave me so much closure of my anxieties and how scared I am of crowds so I decided to travel alone a lot from now on (weird Han). I hope from next time I will be able to do things differently. I never had a Macaroons ever because I wanted to have my first ones in Paris. The saddest thing is I forgot all about that when I went there and I still don’t know how they taste like. I was supposed to come back the same day because I wanted to be in Netherlands before my last day. So the only place I was able to cover was Eiffel tower and am glad I did.

The next day I just took the Bus ride from Wassenaar to Leiden( Netherlands) to check out the beautiful campus as everybody told me about it as it was nearby to where I was staying and indeed it was Beautiful. There was nothing to do though so for shopping I went to Den Haag Centrum and there I bought gifts and souvenirs for my family and Friends. It was also my last day in Europe. I just wanted to eat a lot, drink a little and shop as much as I could. I did just that. That’s how my first International trip ended maybe it was not how I expected but it was my very first time and I am glad and was very happy how it turned out. I hope you guys liked this post. 


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