Mumbai Trip

Aloha bitches,  I know hardly anybody reads this so I can write whatever the fuck I want and I am gonna :P. I used to love blogging it was like my daily diary but I don’t know why I stopped. I got really lazy by time I guess, who am I kidding I have always been lazy:P

Gateway of India in MumbaiSo last month I went to Mumbai with my best friend. I was there last year too but it was for work and not that fun because I didn’t have time to go anywhere. But this time I stayed there for four days and I had a blast. I know people don’t travel to Mumbai for leisure but still, it was breath of fresh air for me and I really needed a break from Delhi.

Update: This shit takes me at least 5 days to write. oh, blogging is not that hard and its definitely not hard if nobody except me reads it hahaha (I am crying from the inside :P). I am a big-time procrastinator that’s why it takes me so much time. I am definitely gonna finish this tonight though oh yeah it’s 1:37 on Friday night and I am listening to I Found from Amber Run and drinking sangria. I made it myself and it’s not that bad but I did put Mausambi instead of orange :P. In my defense, the lady on Youtube suggested any seasonal fruit can do and I was gonna put a banana in it because it’s an all-season fruit. People on youtube don’t know how dumb netizens can be DUH for one thing we call ourselves Netizens:P.

Anyways let’s talk about my Mumbai trip. I was alone on my first day because I had some work there and my friend flew the very next day. I just ended up staying in my room though because my work plans got canceled. I did go to Carter Road Social as it was super near to my hotel. Oh, and I was staying in Taj Lands End and let me tell you the view from my room was fucking breathtaking. Look at it nothing but sea Wow…just, wow.alt= "View from Taj Lands End"

Even though technically it’s a travel blog imma tell you guys what I am wearing because why not. Black Polo t-shirt and the animal print knit skirt (it looks revealing becaue I am sitting that way)  is from Zara. You guys can pair matching ballet flats or sport shoes/with pencil skirts to make it a casual look. I also pair this skirt with a black bralette to night outs with heels.

At Bandra Beach in MumbaiThis was on the next day when my friend finally came and could take pictures of me. I am at Bandra beach and wearing a T-shirt and jeans from Zara and let’s ignore my ballet flat shoes from HM because they are not going with this look but it was raining and I didn’t want to wear my good shoes or flats because it was slightly raining.Wearing Zara dress

We went to Bombay Cocktail Bar on the same day and I had so much fun that I forgot to get any decent pictures taken. I am wearing a Zara Bodycon dress and flats are from HM and the bag is from Aldo.Gateway of India in the Background

We also visited the Gateway of India and I got so many many touristy pictures of myself taken but just posting good ones here. Also, let’s talk about McDonald’s in Collaba. I thought beautiful and proper Mcd’s only exist in abroad. I have only been to Amsterdam one though. In comparison to Mumbai, Delhi Mcds sucks big time. They also had a proper cafe section and the drinks also won’t come in those plastic dingy cups but in Mason jars for ice tea and proper coffee mug for well coffee. Now coming to this look I wore this Black tee for two days straight because this one is my favorite (for now), shorts and sports shoes are from Zara too haha I know too much Zara.

Club Barrel Mansion in MumbaiWe also went to a club called Barrel Mansion on my last day of the trip. It was so much fun and I had too much to drink. We also danced so hard on Bollywood music. It was an amazing trip and I had a blast. I am going to finish it here and go to sleep because it’s really late now and I am sleepy so buhbye:)



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