Boss Lady

Heylo humans, My throat is so fucked right now  because of tonsils and cold. Today I am drinking  hot ginger, honey lemon water and listening to Trampoline by Shaed and Zayn. I don’t like winter because few things like easily transmitting cold, fevers and leaving your bed in the morning basically feels like a torture and not to forget shorter days. I do love comfy clothes and blankets, boots and who doesn’t love Christmas:)

Wearing blazer and boots

Lets talk about one empowering piece of clothing that everybody should own. Blazers are gender neutral , perfect for any event be it a meeting, a date, many influencers have been pairing them up with sarees too these days. wearing checked blazer with boots

This look is my favorite I actually do feel like a boss lady in it. Some clothes give you extra confidence on your shitty days and blazers do the thing for me. I wore this Outfit in a club because it’s pretty comfortable and looks hot at the same time. A good fitted blazer can be paired with so many things like matching trousers and sneakers or block heels , jeans , shorts or long slit skirt. I am thinking of doing another blog with all the looks I just mentioned. Wearing blazer and boots

I am wearing checked blazer from HM, Shorts and belt is from Shein and boots are from Truffle Collection from Myntra, bag is from UCB and crop top underneath is from Zara. If you guys liked blog please follow me here or on Instagram and share your feedback.Wearing blazer and boots


Everything Ethnic

Model Wearing Massimo DuttiI know Diwali is long gone pollution, on the other hand, is still here :P. Delhi people have a death wish by God, we are basically living in a death chamber for fuck’s sake. I hope you guys are seriously taking care of yourself, wearing masks and what not.

Wearing Massimo Dutti black mesh skirtAnyways in this post, I have curated two ethnic Diwali looks, This one is a little bit revealing so it’s befitting for house parties and clubs. I have paired black crop top from Zara with my favourite black mesh skirt from Massimo Dutti and necklace from Forever 21. Processed with VSCO with av8 preset I personally don’t like to wear very heavy Indian wear and that too in small get-togethers. So to keep it light, having one statement skirt or a very easy breezy lehenga can be a good investment. Wearing Black Massimo Dutti Mesh skirtIt can be paired up with crop tops, bralettes or designer choli and don’t forget one statement jewellery to complete the look.

Processed with VSCO with av8 presetMy second outfit is traditional yet modern and elegant. I just love this lehenga choli/ corset. I bought it from Ritu Kumar last year for my brother’s wedding. Its super light and chic at the same time. I Know heavily printed clothes can’t be everybody’s cup of tea. I can also recommend sober colours with a little embroidery and a good hairdo with one statement piece. Processed with VSCO with av8 presetThis is it, for now, have fun this festival and coming wedding season:)

Model wearing ethnic wear from Ritu Kumar.Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

Leave Nothing To The Imagination

Leave something to the imagination” is such a chauvinistic and an old school thought. I don’t want some perv imagining anything about me, and that too probably with his hands down under his pants :P. Seriously guys wear whatever you want to, don’t feel comfortable in showing your cleavage? nobody is forcing you to, but also don’t shame anybody if they do. Wearing Black Zara Dress in Lodhi Hotel

I have decided to put all my night outlooks in one post so you guys can get the idea of how to put a party outfit together. The black dress you see here is actually a skirt and it’s from Zara I tucked the elastic belt of the skirt under my strapless bra and pulled up a layer of the net of the skirt over my bra to make it look like a dress. Its kind of genius I know.

Wearing Faux- fur jacketThis one can be a fall night outlook. A faux- fur jacket will look perfect with a simple gown or with short flowy dresses with boots on a winters night. I am wearing a high low cami dress from Shein and the faux fur jacket from Zara and grey heels are from Rosso Brunello.

Wearing black tank top and skirt from ZaraThis one looks little wild doesn’t it? Something like this will be perfect to wear on a friend’s birthday bash or a girl’s night out.  I am wearing a black tank top, skirt and heels from Zara and the bag is from Aldo.Wearing white dress from Shein and shoes from Zara A pretty dress like this can be really good for a date night or just normal clubbing. If you guys don’t normally wear anything but black ( like 99% of people) in clubs or parties. I would seriously suggest to mix it up sometimes and be different than the rest of the herd. Go wear that attention-grabbing red dress once in a while nobody is stopping you.Wearing lbd from Shein and shoes are from Zara This was my favorite LBD until I lost it somewhere. A nice black bodycon is a must-have in your wardrobe. Any emergency like God forbid if you have to meet your douchy ex at a mutual friend’s party or something :P. For reals, though a nice LBD can do no harm and and a good quality black dress is a perfect investment piece. This one is super cheap though because it’s from Shein but the quality is not that bad at all and shoes are from Zara. Denim Bandeau top and shorts from ZaraThis one is a little different from all of the above looks. I don’t know why but as soon as I wore this outfit, it gave me poo vibes from K3G. This is something she would totally wear with a half jacket or something, and that too in college but since we are not living in a Bollywood movie, something like this is perfect for a girl’s night out or a nice date. I am wearing denim bandeau, suede shorts, and heels from Zara and the bag is from Charles & Keith.

Mumbai Trip

Aloha bitches,  I know hardly anybody reads this so I can write whatever the fuck I want and I am gonna :P. I used to love blogging it was like my daily diary but I don’t know why I stopped. I got really lazy by time I guess, who am I kidding I have always been lazy:P

Gateway of India in MumbaiSo last month I went to Mumbai with my best friend. I was there last year too but it was for work and not that fun because I didn’t have time to go anywhere. But this time I stayed there for four days and I had a blast. I know people don’t travel to Mumbai for leisure but still, it was breath of fresh air for me and I really needed a break from Delhi.

Update: This shit takes me at least 5 days to write. oh, blogging is not that hard and its definitely not hard if nobody except me reads it hahaha (I am crying from the inside :P). I am a big-time procrastinator that’s why it takes me so much time. I am definitely gonna finish this tonight though oh yeah it’s 1:37 on Friday night and I am listening to I Found from Amber Run and drinking sangria. I made it myself and it’s not that bad but I did put Mausambi instead of orange :P. In my defense, the lady on Youtube suggested any seasonal fruit can do and I was gonna put a banana in it because it’s an all-season fruit. People on youtube don’t know how dumb netizens can be DUH for one thing we call ourselves Netizens:P.

Anyways let’s talk about my Mumbai trip. I was alone on my first day because I had some work there and my friend flew the very next day. I just ended up staying in my room though because my work plans got canceled. I did go to Carter Road Social as it was super near to my hotel. Oh, and I was staying in Taj Lands End and let me tell you the view from my room was fucking breathtaking. Look at it nothing but sea Wow…just, wow.alt= "View from Taj Lands End"

Even though technically it’s a travel blog imma tell you guys what I am wearing because why not. Black Polo t-shirt and the animal print knit skirt (it looks revealing becaue I am sitting that way)  is from Zara. You guys can pair matching ballet flats or sport shoes/with pencil skirts to make it a casual look. I also pair this skirt with a black bralette to night outs with heels.

At Bandra Beach in MumbaiThis was on the next day when my friend finally came and could take pictures of me. I am at Bandra beach and wearing a T-shirt and jeans from Zara and let’s ignore my ballet flat shoes from HM because they are not going with this look but it was raining and I didn’t want to wear my good shoes or flats because it was slightly raining.Wearing Zara dress

We went to Bombay Cocktail Bar on the same day and I had so much fun that I forgot to get any decent pictures taken. I am wearing a Zara Bodycon dress and flats are from HM and the bag is from Aldo.Gateway of India in the Background

We also visited the Gateway of India and I got so many many touristy pictures of myself taken but just posting good ones here. Also, let’s talk about McDonald’s in Collaba. I thought beautiful and proper Mcd’s only exist in abroad. I have only been to Amsterdam one though. In comparison to Mumbai, Delhi Mcds sucks big time. They also had a proper cafe section and the drinks also won’t come in those plastic dingy cups but in Mason jars for ice tea and proper coffee mug for well coffee. Now coming to this look I wore this Black tee for two days straight because this one is my favorite (for now), shorts and sports shoes are from Zara too haha I know too much Zara.

Club Barrel Mansion in MumbaiWe also went to a club called Barrel Mansion on my last day of the trip. It was so much fun and I had too much to drink. We also danced so hard on Bollywood music. It was an amazing trip and I had a blast. I am going to finish it here and go to sleep because it’s really late now and I am sleepy so buhbye:)



5 Chic ways to style a basic white shirt and jeans.


Be Basic:
I am not talking about this look here but my way of life haha kidding (not). I know white shirt and basic blue jeans are a staple in everybody’s wardrobe. It’s also very time-saving if you’re running late or too lazy to put an outfit together. You can always accessorize it with statement pieces like a necklace, bracelet,  belt or however you want. I think this look can work well for college goers and young adults because it looks like you aren’t trying too hard (there’s nothing wrong with that because God knows I always do lol) but it doesn’t look boring either.

About the outfit: Button-down is from M&S, Jeans and Sneakers are from Zara and the Cat-eye Sunglasses are from Aldo and Belt is from Shein. The black sliders in one pic are from Steve Madden.

I am a classy bitch look:

This title is for me and me only so don’t get offended or do, I don’t care :P. This number is a little bit classy and looks rich, It’s something even Meghan Markle can wear :P. So what I am trying to say is if you want to look like royalty or you’re going somewhere where you hate everybody, like a reunion 😛 and want to show off (that you got money even though you don’t) so go for this look. The belt I am wearing here is from HM, Bag is from Charles and Keith and shoes are from Zara.


I didn’t want to come to this Party Look:

This one is basically for lazy fuckers who have canceled too many major plans with their BFF’S lately and can’t turn this one down. After a super busy day, if you’re supposed to go to this thing even if you don’t want to, a  good statement belt and stilettos can do a very good job in making you look like a fashionista. About this look: My belt is from Amazon and stilettos are from Rosso Brunello and everything else is the same.

All cool:

You guys can opt for this no fucks given look if you wanna have a chill day in the mall or anywhere really. Even pregnant women can rock this one( they can rock anything actually) with maternity pants and cool and breezy Button-down. I have minimally accessorized this one with a bag from Aldo and Espadrilles are from Steve Madden.



Time Capsule

This Blog post has been sitting on my Draft section for almost 7 months. Even though, so much of my life has changed since then. I dont feel like changing anything here so I won’t ( I wrote this post on 12/07/18) so these were my exact feelings on that day.  Also, I used to post on different Portal but I am back here now (not that anybody cares :P). So here it goes:

Hey Guys,  Long time no see. I think I forgot how to write. My mind is blank right now  I have nothing in my braincase absolutely fucking nothing. It’s 20:16 on Thursday and I am sipping cheap white wine and listening to a Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots I feel the lyrics of this song on a spiritual level lol.

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Today I am sharing the pictures my Mother took of me on Mother’s day  (hahaha yeah). I treated her one day of chilling out and spa in Taj but ended up annoying her and made her take more than 100 pictures of me. Anyways Mother’s day was expensive for me but like we should at least do that much for our mothers after troubling them every day of the damn year.

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset
How are you guys doing? I just finished watching You have got a mail (best rom-com ever and forever) I have watched this movie at least 20 times. I could have said 100 or 1000 times to sound better ( when people say 100 times for anything that is a lie and pretty unrealistic, nobody can do anything  for100 times unless its someone you absolutely love) hahaha I have issues.

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

I think now its time talk about my clothes( that’s what my blog is about if you guys dont know :p). I consider this dress the most perfect and my favorite in my wardrobe, I bought it 3 years back from Zara and the strap on sandals from Mango. I bought these Sunglasses from Aldo and that’s it about my outfit.

Update: This dress is not my favorite anymore 😦


Face Serums Review: Estee Lauder Night Repair and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery

Hey, Guys whaddy up I am drinking hot water with lemon in it ( great for your skin ) and listening to Straightjacket by Quinn XCII. I am feeling good today as I have been eating really healthy lately instead of putting garbage in my stomach as I have been doing for months.

So today Imma talk about Face Serums yasssssss food for skin, not like junk food but good food like quinoa, spinach, and shit :p. I have been using serums since last year and my first one was Keihl’s Midnight Recovery. At first, it used to feel really oily but after using it for some time my acne marks started to fade away and my skin started to glow a little. I have finished more than 3 bottles of it.  I dont use moisturizer till this day after using it(you guys def should). Moisturizers conceal the oiliness and it won’t feel sticky after that.Vein of my design: Face Serums Review: Estee Lauder Night Repair and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery

When it comes to me after buying shit loads of make-up and skin care every month, I usually go broke. So my night time routine basically just contain face wash, toner, and serum (CTM but instead of moisturizer I go for serum). My mother totally approves of this because even she says applying too much at night is not healthy for skin (Korean skincare lovers will disapprove obviously). I do apply masks, face packs and peels twice a week though.

I was very happy with Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate but after using it for more than six Months, I was eager to change my routine a little bit. My mother keeps telling me this that you should stick to anything that suits you in terms of your hair and skincare but what can I say, I get bored very easily.

I bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for the first time. I have used it for more than 10 days and haven’t seen much difference but it’s not oily though. It moisturizes my face perfectly, doesn’t feel sticky and my face is glowing too.

Vein of my design: Face Serums Review: Estee Lauder Night Repair and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery:


Both of these serums are amazing but I prefer Kiehl’s because I have dry skin but I do break out and it definitely prevents it. Keihls is also cheaper and I feel like it suits my skin more than Estee Lauder. What skin care suits you basically depends on the skin type though. If you have oily skin you should go for Estee Lauder and if you have dry to combination skin you should definitely go for Kiehl’s. That’s it for today I hope didn’t bore you guys and this post helped you, people.

Vein of my design: Face Serums Review: Estee Lauder Night Repair and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery:

How to Wear an Oversized Shirt

Hey guys, I hope you guys are doing awesome. I sure am not. I have been feeling so lazy and confused these days. I have decided to boycott humans completely. These past few months I decided to make an effort to socialize with people and failed horribly. I was pretty damn fine for last 3 years living in my own world, watching hundreds of shows in a month and hanging out with limited friends I have so Imma go back to that.

Vein of my design: how to wear an oversized shirt

I dont feel like writing much today either but Imma try. After these few months spending time with normal human beings, I have realized I am not normal. Maybe I have been sent to the world for just shopping, watching romcoms and eating you know.

Some people are not supposed to feel extremely happy or extremely sad just moderately happy and survive because if these people get even an ounce of excitement in their lives they get really anxious and ruin everything. Sorry for being a bummer today. I am having one of those days/weeks/ months.

Let me tell you about my outfit now. Today I am wearing my mother’s shirt from H&M. I am not a fan of check shirts that’s why dont have any in my wardrobe. I decided to wear it because just wanted to tell people that I am wearing my mother’s shirt lols. You guys can also pair oversized shirts with belts or just skinny jeans and heels. Another way to wear it is a tucking them up under high waist pants or maybe open up few buttons and pair it up with some necklaces or chokers. I have paired it with my golden belt from H&M and black narrowed pants from Zara, shoes from M & S and my favorite Aldo bag.

So, guys, I hope you liked today’s post and actually got some ideas on how to wear oversized shirts. Ciao for today and Imma see you in few days.