A Day in Kolkata

Ola amigos, Today I don’t feel like writing so I won’t. This is a super random post. I just visited Kolkata for the first time and it was a very short work trip. Even though I don’t have many pictures of it since I always roam alone when traveling for work. I did take some pictures of wherever I went, my hotel room and few selfies ( I hate the word selfie). So I thought why not just post and share with hardly 10 people who read my Blog lol.

An Auction house called Victor Brother’s

Love the sculpture of black lady singing and everything else.” I don’t need People if I have mirrors.

Victoria Memorial: Since it was really nearby to my hotel I decided to check it out. Even though taking pictures is not allowed inside Victoria Memorial I sneaked one, of a Vintage Tail Coat.image-9

After checking out Victoria Memorial. I headed out to Park street and roamed for an hour or so, had early dinner and went to my room. That’s it I am a lazy ass. I didn’t even want to get out of my cozy room.


The number of shades I carried on a 2-day trip. View from my room

That’s it for today. Ciao humans.https://veinofmydesign.in/2018/04/12/world-fashion/

World of Fashion

Hi, guys. Waddy up?

I am in a rather good mood today after a long time, no fucking reason. I am wearing nice clothes and listening to a banging song may be that’s why. It’s 15:25 on Thursday and I am drinking tea and listening to One Match by Until the Ribbon Breaks. UPDATE: That was last week (yup it takes me a fucking week to write a blog post) right now I am in Kolkata sitting on the side of a window enjoying pretty view sipping whiskey and listening to All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar. I was having a rough time for a while now but it feels like things can get to normal.

I have finally decided to leave my job, yasssss, not right away but maybe after three months hope I don’t over think this. Imma work hard on not being homeless. I also have decided to study Fashion Styling. Even though I am maybe good at it there are so many things I have to learn.

What interesting thing should I share with you guys today? OK, lemme think. Lately, I have been super obsessed with socks and have been pairing them up with dresses and shorts. They add a certain jazz to your boring outfit. So naturally, I am stuffing my wardrobe with socks and stockings. This obsession is inspired by Anime Fashion. Growing up I have always seen my cousin obsess over Anime. I have noticed the girls in it are always wearing a school uniform or really cute outfits with a lot of accessories and what not. I also decided to check out some shows and Manga. After watching a few hundred Korean, Chinese and Japanese shows, movies and Anime (yes, I am a weirdo with no social life). I realized their sense of fashion is totally different than ours. They favor cuteness over sexiness and are not ashamed of it.

Lolita: Japanese Street Style

In Japan, there is a subculture of fashion called Lolita. I have done so much research on it and I am obsessed. It’s basically based on the Rococo French fashion of 18th century. An era defined by white and delicate skirts and ruffled collars. It started in Japan in the late 1980s. If you are confusing it with the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov then please don’t. Lolita followers take real offense when people compare this elegant and tasteful fashion with fetish and something sexual. In reality, it is based on the aesthetic of cuteness or as the Japanese call it, “kawaii”, however, there are many branches of Lolita and one of them is called Ero Lolita, which is more on the sexy side.

This is the look of Classic Lolita ( this is not me :p)

In general, Lolita fashion is in favor of modesty and mostly all branches of it require you to wear knee-length skirts, socks, and outfits with covered necklines. Lolita is not just a Japanese fashion anymore, even though it originated there. It has expanded to several countries, now, and youths of different cultures follow it. As I have already mentioned, Lolita revolves around modesty and femininity. Lolitas hate it if anyone calls their clothes costumes because it has become a lifestyle for them.

Substyles of Lolita include:- Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita and many more. There is a district in Japan called Harajuku. It’s a meeting place for youths who follow different subcultures of Fashion. I am thinking of writing a separate blog on Lolita Fashion since now I’ve read so much about it. If you guys have read till here I am guessing you don’t hate my writing so I would love it if you share my blog and follow me on Instagram (@veinofmydesign). Below are my outfit details, check it out. Bye for now, have a nice day.


About my Outfit:

Little Black Dress: Forever 21

Socks: Lulu and Sky

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Steve Madden

Old is Gold

Aloha humans, whatty up?

It’s 19:42  on Thursday I am drinking white tea and listening to As we are by Three Laws. Christmas is officially over. Why, god, why? All the good things must come to an end. Well, I am loving the decor and pretty Christmas trees everywhere, which at least won’t go away until the end of January. It’s a drag but let’s just hope the new year brings lots of happiness and success in everybody’s lives. (I just love December, you just want to be curled up in a bed with a book or Netflix.)
Consumed by 19th and 20th Century Fashion
So, I have been reading about 19th- and 20th-century fashion since last week and I came across the story of this woman called Loisa Casati. Wow, what a weird, brilliant, amazeballs specimen of a woman. She used to parade in Venice sometimes at night with her pet cheetahs wearing nothing but fur (goals right?).
I am lovesick with vintage fashion. How Charles Fredrick revolutionized Fashion and Paul Poiret helped liberate the woman from corsets. How Jeanne Lanvin who is famous for perfecting the Robe de style dresses invented the idea of doing four seasons fashion shows and so much more. It was fascinating!
Two Amazing Mamas

I feel like I have always been interested in Fashion. My mother had an impeccable fashion sense but now she is too lazy so she opts for comfort. My grandmother also was a tailor and she raised me. I used to see how she used pretty laces, buttons, and net when she stitched suits. She used to operate from her one-room apartment but she was the whole colony’s (and my) favorite. So, growing up, I was obviously obsessed with wearing good clothes but I also had my own style.

Fashion for me has always been about confidence. As my social anxiety is so severe, I feel like if I am wearing amazing clothes I will be able to avoid humans. They’ll just assume I am a bitch, which is better than being recognized as a socially awkward human. I do like attention but I prefer to keep my head down when I am getting it, lol.

This Precious Look

Today, I am wearing a navy blue winter coat with gold-tone buttons from Zara. I bought it last August as I wanted one for work. I paired it up with a cheetah print shirt and navy blue pants with gold lace, which I bought last month because I wanted something to go with the coat. You guys can wear this at work or just normally. I wear it casually too.

That’s all, guys. Wishing you a Happy New Year. I lava you.https://veinofmydesign.in/2017/12/19/extra-nothing/

Be extra or nothing

Hola, people. How are you doing? Long time no see! Well, it’s not like anybody missed me (if you did then you are a cutie patootie human person).

Anyway, it’s 21:23 on Friday and I am having a beer in a wine glass. Why? Because I am a weirdo. Also, I just bought a really cute wine glass and I had to use it but I don’t have wine right now so making do, you know?

Today I am listening to ‘Journey’ by Mark Eliyahu and it’s amaZINGGG. So soothing and shit.

I missed blogging so much but my work kept me away.

Last month, I visited Dubai and since it was a work trip, I hardly had any time to see anything and go shopping. Work makes everything sucky even traveling if you don’t love your job (like me). It is ok though because I was able to get 3 Pair of clothes which I adore(including the furr top I am wearing) and little bit Make- up that’s it.

Fun fact I forgot from where I heard it that in Dubai you have a dress code. Like you can’t wear flashy clothes, mini skirts, show your knees, shoulders and also wear outfits like mesh clothes (like its illegal). I also googled it to be sure and it turned out to be true( according to google). I discussed it with some of my friends and they insisted that I am being stupid and it’s not true but I believe google more than the morons I hang out with. So basically all my clothes were long Maxi gowns or my work Trousers.

The first day I got there I went to this club called Barasti in my ugliest of clothes and what I saw there was basically everybody was half naked. I could have gone there in my underwear and bra and nobody would have given any shit. I won’t advise that though, always strip after you reach your destination you’ll feel more comfortable hahahaha (please take it as a joke but also I am like little bit serious). be extra or nothing- vein of my design- wearing furr and black skirtIn this post, I am looking damn hot though thanks to my best friend for clicking super dope pictures, basically let’s just thank god for making me super hot Lol.  I know this outfit is little too much but ya know but I just love being extra. The world is filled with normal people we should never be scared to show our crazy. We care about what people think of us I understand but it is going to get old. Until we realize everybody just care about themselves and their lives. Few people who care and love you will accept you the way you are. I realized this thing little too late but I did.

Moving On I just adore this Black Velvet Faux fur top from Oxygene I actually bought it as a gift for my little cousin sister from Dubai but the thing is I don’t buy anything for anybody if I actually don’t want to own it. So I end up keeping presents that I buy for other people(amazing right).  Anyways after coming to Delhi, I thought dude you will probably not find anything like this here. I had to keep it even though am pretty sure I won’t have any confidence to wear it. I won’t suggest the shoes am wearing here to pair up with this kind of outfit. You guys can pair it ( or with any kind of long skirts) with really pretty open-toed shoes or stilettoes and flat belle shows will look good too.

Let’s talk about my favorite piece of clothing right now this black Tulle skirt from Massimo Dutti. I was out shopping with my Mom and we were about to go home as I couldn’t find a leather jacket which I really wanted. All the leather jackets everywhere are side zippers and I wanted middle one (they look cool when opened up). Anyways as we were going home I saw this baby on display and fell in love I had to have it. Like in Confession of a shopaholic the mannequin starts to call her in the showroom whenever Rebecca sees an outfit she really likes. I mean I am not that dramatic but still, that Mannequin did call me in.

You can pair this top with skinny jeans and boots or short skirt, stockings and boots will look damn hot too. In the end, You do you. Be yourself and love yourself. I hope you guys are liking the festive season and this cold weather, I sure do. I love Christmas time. So enjoy humans of the world. I lava you. https://veinofmydesign.in/2017/08/13/wild-one/

Solo traveling to Europe and Paris

Hello Humans, First off I am super happy to write this post as I just did some traveling to Europe yasssss (internal screaming). I still can’t believe my first international trip was to Netherlands and Paris and that too alone. I was super nervous, no doubt but it was also an amazing and beautiful experience for me and today I will tell you guys all about it while I am sipping Winter dream tea and listening to a really nice song I found on Sound cloud called Ignition/do you like drugs mashup by Phoebe Ryan. picture of centrumin hague

Notice the couple in the back ( love, love, love)

Netherlands and France were beautiful ( is an understatement). I didn’t want to come back. Loved everything about it from different types of bicycles ( a beautiful mother carrying 3 little children in the lower basket of a cycle)  to lovely canals you can see after every  5-minute walk you take. Also, I saw my first ever strip show yasssssss. I hope nobody from my family is reading this though.

It was a short trip because when it was being planned I was certain that even 10 days is too much for me.  I reached Netherlands on 4th at night. The weird thing was I was so tired I slept as soon as I reached and didn’t suffer from Jetlag at all. My first day was planned. I reached Amsterdam at early afternoon and taking the Boat ride was the first thing on my list so that’s what I did while drinking Heineken and enjoying the beautiful view. I was little annoyed since a kid in the back was making a fuss ( drama alert)but I had to endure it ( couldn’t have jumped out of the cruise) and second beer helped a lot. I seriously feel like people should stop having children and start raising dogs( world will be happier place). I should share my hatred for children some other time right?

If you are in Amsterdam you have to check out the Red light area which I obviously did right after my boat ride.Oh, I forgot I also had a Pizza and beer at Bravi Ragazzi before going there. Its a really nice Italian joint but I ordered Pizza because Imma moron also was super hungry. After finishing from there I had waffles in a nearby Cafe. While I waited for a lady who was going to show me around. As soon as she came I asked her to take me to the Red light area. I loved hanging out with her because she only knew Spanish and Dutch. Since I don’t know any of those Languages we didn’t talk much. She was a really nice lady though laughed a lot without any reason and we had lots of beer and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

As I have already mentioned I saw a strip show and where else could I have seen it other than in Red Light area. The whole colony was beautiful nobody is allowed to take pictures of the ladies in the windows there as anybody can throw your phone in the canal. I was there till 7:30 on a weekday and since it was not an ideal time to enjoy the view (know what I mean). I did get glimpses of some big Mamas and girls in a black bikini dancing from the windows of some sex bars. I do regret not going at the night because I have heard it’s More lit that time. I had to rush back after seven because it takes more than 1 hour to Hague and  I had a curfew of 21:00.

This was also a work trip so I had to stay in Netherlands. As staying there was cheaper and safer for me because I can’t stress this enough that this was the first time I was traveling alone.  I do regret a little not staying in Amsterdam because hostels there are super cheap and I could have fun there.

Sadly I don’t have many pictures of myself. As mostly I was roaming alone and it’s not really easy for me to ask strangers for pictures because of my major anxiety issues. I did tried  my best though. After spending one day in Amsterdam roaming around and drinking Beers. I saw so much love in the streets and I was in love with the country, its people, drinking culture, weather and most of all the old and beautiful Dutch buildings in Amsterdam.

I couldn’t check out the Van Gogh and Ann Frank Museum because of limited time but maybe next time.

Next day I decided to check out the Beautiful Scheveningen Beach of Den Haag and decided to spend the whole day there. I also rode on the Ferris wheel and the ride went around for more than 30 minutes. It was so pretty and I was able to see the whole beach going round and round. I took so many videos and pictures on my Instagram and snap chat stories because it was the best way to distract myself. As I was alone in the booth and am little scared of heights. 

After riding in  Ferris wheel I decided to roam in the beach for a while with a bunch of little birds. As it was really chilli there and me being a Moron, as usual, was not wearing warm clothes. I decided to chill in one of the many restaurants on the beach near a bonfire and ordered a beer and fries. Thankfully that place had really good Wifi so I was able to face time my friends and family.  It was a great day and I ended it with seeing the beautiful sunset.

On my third day, I got little sick obviously because wearing a dress in the beach with the temperature of 16 degrees is more important than going to Amsterdam to check out the beautiful Museums ( I am really stupid). It was raining the whole day so it turned out to be a good thing not going to Amsterdam and staying in as my window had really nice view.

On my fourth day, I had planned to go to finally check out the Museums but thankfully trip to Paris was arranged for me. It was a road trip so we started from 7 am and reached by 1:23 after having lunch I obviously decided to check out the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Wow, I actually was mesmerized by the beauty of it ( not over exaggerating like I normally do). Sadly I was too anxious to ask someone for pictures in front of Eiffel tower and my mom got so angry at me saying no one would believe you Kanika that you went there (I actually am scamming you people that I went there because I have no photographic evidence of being there) Oh wait I did manage to ask two cute Gentlemen on the top of Eiffel Tower to take my photos. They didn’t come out nice but twice was my limit.

I saw love in Paris too but it was too much for me. So many couples kissing and shit okay don’t misunderstand me I am not old school. One couple was just going on it and they were with my group so it was just annoying and they were Indians so. I get irritated so easily right. I regret not having champagne at the top of Eiffel Tower. After coming back I realized most of my regrets were not having enough booze haha hahaha. I just wanted to be safe as solo travelers should but I can hold my liquor and I don’t have any drinking habit so I should have had that champagne.


This trip gave me so much closure of my anxieties and how scared I am of crowds so I decided to travel alone a lot from now on (weird Han). I hope from next time I will be able to do things differently. I never had a Macaroons ever because I wanted to have my first ones in Paris. The saddest thing is I forgot all about that when I went there and I still don’t know how they taste like. I was supposed to come back the same day because I wanted to be in Netherlands before my last day. So the only place I was able to cover was Eiffel tower and am glad I did.

The next day I just took the Bus ride from Wassenaar to Leiden( Netherlands) to check out the beautiful campus as everybody told me about it as it was nearby to where I was staying and indeed it was Beautiful. There was nothing to do though so for shopping I went to Den Haag Centrum and there I bought gifts and souvenirs for my family and Friends. It was also my last day in Europe. I just wanted to eat a lot, drink a little and shop as much as I could. I did just that. That’s how my first International trip ended maybe it was not how I expected but it was my very first time and I am glad and was very happy how it turned out. I hope you guys liked this post. 

My love story 

Aloha, people. Whatty up? How was your week?https://veinofmydesign.in/2017/07/29/love-story/
I hope it was a disaster (like mine was). I had a exhausting day and right now, am sipping on rum in my tea while listening to Goner by Twenty One Pilots (my usual playlist is on). I am bored of all the songs in it and have beaten at least 20 people today (in my head obviously) for now. I need to hear good songs, my mood depends on it . 
In this post, I am wearing these gorgeous pants, and no, I am not going to basketball practice after this (like I will ever play basketball or any sport). Most of my friends don’t understand or like these beauties (what’s the procedure to send people on mars?) but these are super-duper comfy. You can kill someone and be super comfortable while doing it in these. The blood on your clothes won’t show either (I am obviously joking pleas don’t leave).
I bought these from Zara. ( I basically live there). These pants were my saviours this summer. Whenever I am tired and don’t want to wear anything, (running naked in the streets might get me into jail or a mental hospital), I opt for these beauties or maxi dresses. 
The top I am wearing is actually a side slit gown from Forever 21, which I decided to cut and make into a top because I hated that stupid gown but it was super cheap so I bought it. 
But, but, but I just lavaaaaaaaaaaaaa these loafers. I bought them from Next on Jabong. They are super comfortable and just so purrtttttty (internal screaming). And they go really well with this whole outfit.
You must have seen this bag in my previous posts, if you check out my blog regularly (you awesome blossom human person).  
In the end I fell in love at first sight with everything in my outfit except the gown, I did like the bright colour of it. I didn’t bought these shoes right away though. I saw something like these in last month’s Vogue and they were from Gucci. Obviously, you cannot compare Gucci with anything in this whole wide world. They had furr all around them and such elegant embroidery. They looked super dreamy and beautiful. These shoes are the only alternative to Gucci I can afford (LOL), so I was like yasss I should buy these. The Gucci ones were paired up with the same kind of side-strip green pants like these so it was a match made in heaven. 
With this I should bid you good day. I hope I brought a smile on your faces (or worried looks while thinking this girl is not normal), and if by any chance I ruined your day today, go drink tequillla or some other disgusting shit (not right now may be in the evening). I lava you. Keep burning, y’all.

Silver Lining 

Hi guys I have made a new blog under the same name Veinofmydesign.in(Veinofmydesign.in) from now I will post in that website only please go check it out 
Yelloo pretty People, today I will tell you guys how my fashion style evolved. I have little anxiety, so don’t judge me but in mostly everything I used to do I would see what other people were doing so I could blend in with them and not grab attention to myself. I shouldn’t say this, but I hate talking to people. I don’t know how to, I always end up doing something wrong or saying something weird and then I overthink, so the best solution for me to not overthink was stay away from human beings as far as possible, but so many little things happened in the course of one year that my whole view of myself changed and so did my wardrobe.
My best friend and mother helped a lot. Like in one case, I was shopping with my maa and I don’t just like a piece of clothing but I fall in love with it at first sight (yeah, I’m romantic like that). So I fell in love with this pretty knee high side slit white skirt from Zara and was like I want to have it and die in it, yay, but then I pictured this whole thing in my mind that I won’t be able to pull it off, everybody will look at my thighs ( it was not that short ) and who needs this much attention and my mom just said be in your little world but at least do what you want to and that makes you happy. Don’t look at other people’s eyes and just wear whatever you want to. That’s what I do now.
Last year I realized how much I love sequins clothing and that I love glitter like love I can blow it in the air at the every step I am walking (for reals) and I love everything that shines (so that I can shine too). Actually, I realized the more flashy, shiny and bright clothes I wear, the more confident I am, because I am being myself.
Woah, this post has got really long, so I should tell you guys about my outfit. This little number is from Zara. I bought it two years ago I think. It is one of my favourites. The high heels I just bought in sale from Da Milano. The bag is my mother’s and it’s from UCB. And the ring is from Forever 21. So with this I bid you good day and hope you liked my post and it made you happy. If it didn’t, I am so sorry, go watch an episode of Friends. Your day might get much brighter. Thank you so much for coming here. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Like a Song

E542257E-5C0B-4C71-B22A-1AE55111ABE5Hi, Pretty people! She is like a star, like a star. Oh it’s a song by Taio Cruz. I used to listen to it to repeat when I heard it for the first time. That’s what I do when I like a song. I listen to it for like a 100 times and get bored of it and move on to another one but sometimes I come back to the one I got bored of and listen to it for 100 times again and the cycle goes on. High waists are a perfect example of this, ‘cause I keep getting bored and coming back to them. Why? Well, because well they are awesome! I love you Britney Spears for introducing us to low waist ( yes she made them famous)but let’s just say high waists are so much more comfortable and you don’t have to pull them up after every 10 min and if you wear pants they look so decent and smart ( I will do that look too). If you guys are afraid to try this look, just take a risk. You will love it. You can try these jeans with a crop top, an oversized shirt, bell sleeves, flats or even block heels. You do you.Processed with VSCO with a1 presetProcessed with VSCO with fp4 preset8BAFA949-A745-4EA8-B87A-41A4D9803FE9Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetIMG_0621

Outfit Details:

Tee- Only
Jeans, Bag and Shoes – Zara
Hat- Acessorize
Sunglasses- Aldo

Oh honey just do both

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Hola mi amigos (stop rolling your heads). Did you just say pool party in the afternoon and family function in the evening? Oh no you don’t have time in the middle? That’s why I love maxi dresses. You can style them in as many ways you want. Wear it with blue or black jeans and black Ganji underneath and pair it up with block heels and voila you are ready for that meeting or just button it down and wear it with an embellished choker like I did or just with shorts and flats. You do you!


Processed with VSCO with c2 preset8234E6B4-B686-42F2-A84D-ECDB9FA938C3 (1)2384C94D-9804-4654-AA42-3D13DD92642675025E3D-D853-44B4-B034-DCCF2C447FC2F7BDC3EF-515F-4DA3-B388-3BCF722358B4

Maxi Dress-  Promod

Shorts- Only

Bag- Aldo

Flats- Steve Madden

Choker- Forever New